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might be called religious, though no touch were left in

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J. Allison, "Dropped Stitches in Tennessee History." Nashville, 1897. Contains interesting matter relative to Andrew Jackson in his younger days as well as about other striking figures of the time.

might be called religious, though no touch were left in

F. M. Turner, "The Life of General John Sevier." New York, 1910. A fairly accurate narrative of events in which Sevier participated, compiled from the "Draper Manuscripts."

might be called religious, though no touch were left in

A. W. Putnam, "History of Middle Tennessee, or Life and Times of General James Robertson." Nashville, 1859. A rambling lengthy narrative containing some interesting material and much that is unreliable. Its worst fault is distortion through sentimentality, and indulgence in the habit of putting the author's rodomontades into the mouths of Robertson and other characters.

might be called religious, though no touch were left in

J. S. Bassett, "Regulators of North Carolina," in Report of the American Historical Association, 1894.

L. C. Draper, "King's Mountain and its Heroes." Cincinnati, 1881. The source book on this event. Contains interesting biographical material about the men engaged in the battle.

Henry Doniol, "Histoire de la participation de la France d l'etablissement des Etats-Unis d'Amerique," 5 vols. Paris, 1886-1892. A complete exposition of the French and Spanish policy towards America. during the Revolutionary Period.

Manuel Serrano y Sanz, "El brigadier Jaime Wilkinson y sus tratos con Espana para la independencia del Kentucky, anos 1787 a 1797." Madrid, 1915. A Spanish view of Wilkinson's intrigues with Spain, based on letters and reports in the Spanish Archives.

Thomas Marshall Green, "The Spanish Conspiracy." Cincinnati, 1891. A good local account, from American sources. The best material on this subject is found in Justin Winsor's "The Westward Movement and Narrative and Critical History" because there viewed against a broad historical background. See Winsor also for the Latin intrigues in Tennessee. For material on Alexander McGillivray see the American Archives and the Colonial Records of Georgia.

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